Shams Hardware & Tools Limited

Welcome to Shams Hardware & Tools Ltd.

Shams  Hardware & Tools are suppliers of all types Hardware and Tools items required by different business units, industries, offices and also for commercial usage. Since its inception Shams Hardware & Tools has made constant efforts to provide quality products at best possible rates to our customers.
As one of the Leading Supplier, our focus is on customer service and quality assurance in every task. We guarantee on time delivery at competitive prices for every customer’s order. We will accomplish this by fostering an environment that stresses pride in our products, continuous improvement, teamwork, innovation, safety and growth.

শামস্ হার্ডওয়ার এন্ড টুলস্ লিমিটেড এর পন্য আধুনিক ও রুচিশীল মানুষের প্রথম পছন্দ